Welcome to 2pb.co.uk

Welcome to the newest website devoted to the Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy. We are in the process of getting up and running, but we hope that in the interim we still provide a fun and interesting experience.

Of course, this would not be possible, and certainly not useful, without Douglas Adams Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy. For that, wherever you are Douglas, we thank you. But we don`t intend to eulogize him formally, because that`s exceedingly boring and there are loads of other websites that do it enough that he could probably get away with another four or five deaths before the cup runs dry.

Instead, we will be providing facts (often obscure, only sometimes interesting, and almost always exceedingly useless) and fun (hopefully a little more of this) for the odd net surfing fan. So we hope you enjoy (please take what is often called a gander at the article from Arcturan Trader`s Weekly below) and most of all, HAVE FUN!

New HHGTTG Website opens to Barnyard Chorus

Somewhere, The Web - The grand opening of www.2pb.co.uk occurred today with a rousing number from the newest pop kings F-JOOT. Site administrator Yevgeny Strondheim called it the greatest thing since Def Leppard played at the grand opening of the Fayetteville, NC Wal-Mart.

Of course, with all that was going on - carnival rides and games, all-farm-animal musicals and best of all, a special visit from Moscow`s 2005 Miss Catherine the Great - one could easily overlook the enormous contribution the site is making to the heretofore entirely insignificant Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker`s Guide sycophant-style web site community. Said lead writer Jameson Tuck Kirkpatrick, III, "What I think is most important is that as we create what we hope will be a painfully silly website, our overarching goals of paying tribute to Monsieur Adams are not lost. For nothing could possibly be more important than wearing out the proverbial knee pads for him."

This was met with very mixed responses, some downright boorish, but the creators collective spirit is thus far invulnerable to such verbal assaults - although the beating received by the senior chief president of marketing and other such rubbish will keep him in the hospital for at least another fortnight, his doctor was heard to say "I didn`t even know you could rupture that." Ultimately, as the website brings itself along those looking for an important addition to the H2G2 web canon will be very pleased with the result.