Where in one universe she may go back for her purse when invited to explore the galaxy by some crazy guy with a second head covered by a bird cage, thus missing the opportunity to get the hell off this rock, the Trillian we know is of course, not that kind of woman. A real go getter. The kind you want on your side in a fight, or when the people of Krikkit want to destroy the galaxy. And most significantly of all, the least abnormal of the characters in the entire series (ignore for the moment all that business about normal in the Ford description).

Having taken Zaphod up on the offer to see his spaceship, she found herself conveniently not on the planet when the Vogons blew it apart to make way for that hyperspace bypass that we hear all about. She takes this opportunity of being not dead to really kick her heels up around the galaxy, going from one good time to the other, being party to Zaphod`s larceny of the Heart of Gold (about the grandest larceny ever), visiting the man who controls the universe (and God), and psychoanalyzing the galactiopathic super-computer Hactar.

In a stunning turn of events, her character is fleshed out quite suddenly in Mostly Harmless by giving her a daughter form the randomly and nihilistically deployed sperm that Arthur had donated. From this, we find Random, the wonderfully pleasant daughter who makes things interesting by fucking shit up.

Now of course, we must turn momentarily to Tricia McMillan, of the alternate universe who found herself with a completely useless tape that utterly failed to adequately document her trip to the planet Rupert with a bunch of crazy astrologers. She is her universe`s alternative to Trillian, and by all accounts, is far less interesting, all though probably not as well put together mentally.

With Tricia properly out of the way (as she is naught but a footnote in the grand tale of Trillian et al) we can return to our main priority here, the Earth based reporter turned interstellar Freudian analyst who really comes through in a punch. Having teleported herself the hell out of Zaphod`s life (and with that the apparently at least generally plutonic relationship shared between the two of them) she might well have been surprised when they came back in contact over all that Krikkit business, but she, being sensible enough to avoid making too much of a fuss over her presumably less than intensely desired reuniting with the amazingly successful ex-President of the Galaxy to mess up her negotiations with the most absolutely xenophobic races of all the galaxy. Not that it did a great deal of good initially, but, as things are wont to do at times, it all worked out in the end.